On the Verge of Mediocre

Once upon a time..
these two people fell in love
They married had these three children
... plus 2 more...
only one of whom knows how to be still and keep his eyes open     
This guy rockin out
married this gorgeous woman this past July
who is the baby girl of this man and his wife
The man in the plaid. His wife is sitting right next to him but the woman is itty bitty so you can't see her.
My sisters and I went to see these wonderful friends and talented musicians
these are them. btw, they are all good athletes too!
play some bluegrass at this place here

in a small town about a 30minute drive{if you don't take a detour} from my hometown.
We had a *blast*  listening to
On the Verge of Mediocre
and hanging out with our friends.


  1. I got a big giggle because the on facebook you could just see the title and the first picture and I was thinking, "Harsh!" (But I knew it had to be something else...funny still!

  2. love small towns. looks like a fun weekend.


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