Lightbulb Moment

This past week at some point[no I don't remember which day] I had a lightbulb moment. 
It occurred to me that it had been a while since I had confessed my sin.
[Let me say that often I am immediately guilty and confess right away but it seemed like lately I wasn't even aware enough to do that!]
I had a moment of panick.
When I get to that place I know it is because I have grown complacent and arrogant spiritually speaking.
Bad spot to be!
So I prayed.
I confessed that I was not wonder woman and that I knew that I sinned.
I asked Him to show me what I needed to work on and where I was failing Him
No answer...

Then the next day I was having quite a crummy attitude at school over something stupid.
[not that it matters whether the thing is stupid or not, crummy attitudes are always wrong]
I saw it. Repented and realized...
Huh, there is my answer to prayer.
Since I have become more aware of this character issue. 
In fact, it grieved me more than once today.

I am not please with it but I am so very thankful for this...
God honored my request to mold me into His image.
He gave me eyes to see what was there all along.
He is going to complete that work.