Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lets not talk about school...[er..Clinic]

The fabulous blogger, Christen Krumm, has this cute post about revamping your wardrobe.  I totally dig the idea. She linked us up to A Beautiful Mess: Fashion Mixology. A Beautiful Mess offers a good visual, as do the pictures on CK's blog.  Quite frankly though, I think the stuff on ABM looks purely like a mess no beautiful about it. To each her own right? [just so long as it doesn't break the Word]

All these things gets me to thinking that I need to have a girls day with my friends, or just me and my house locked alone in my room, doing this with some of my own clothes. If I were super organized I'd take pictures of each outfit.....mmm too much trouble.....unless, I take them then blog. Oh now that could be fun.

On to the rest of the week:

Theory, Perio, Dental Materials Lab-[bring on the mouth ulcers!]

Nitrous! LAST DAY OF FRIDAY SCHOOL! [ for all of my DH school career]

Church fall fellowship at the G-farm... This is always a blast. Maybe I'll get to do some singing. I miss singing. :(

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