School. Shawna came over and inspired me. Friends came over and we made homemade pizza.
Local Anesthesia- needle and all.

Scratchy throat begins. Cleared out a dresser. Organized some shelves. Savers back. Cleaned out 4 drawers.
 [this is what Shawna inspired me to do ;)]

May not look neat but I cleared out a dresser! The green back on the left went to Savers today!
My find in my purging. I may need to learn to use my giftcards.
New passage I'm memorizing.

Scratchy throat continues. Full congestion.  I went to church anyway saying "unclean! unclean!". [ok not quite]
Lunch with a friend. Study/tutoring with friend plus other friends.
Fellowship at other friend's church, impromptu photo shoot, then a movie/ girl talk.
Tazer turns out to be a bust. The guy got tazed in the neck and only flinched.   
8:30 am wakeup call. Even more congested if that is possible. Throat hurts a bit less but serious mouth breathing going on. Studyin for Dental Materials test tomorrow. 
[pray for me. No clue how effective the study was.]
Savers- 50% off day- with Meg and mom.
Photo shoot with Holly and sisters.
Dinner at Nana's. 
Praise the Lord for steak that was found in the freezer.
Beaning had jumproping lessions with Nana and Mom. 
[Will post video later.]

Quote of the weekend:
"So how much poop do you eat in your brownies?"

In reference to media choices.