A couple of weeks ago{maybe less than that} the Lord spoke to my heart and said "Hello. I'm over here!" at least that is what I got out of it. Since then I've been working at being more diligent to be in His Word and spend time with Him first  before facebook and even homework when I get home from school each day.

Let me tell you right now it has already become a little ritualistic {anyone else do that?}. Often the LORD brings it to my attention and I ask for help but still I can't seem to get past the basic not quite comprehension of reading the words on the page. I feel like such a failure. But today I caught a glimpse of hope. A spark of light that tells me even the most feeble attempts at memorization and the basic steps of making sure I read His word {even if I can't get it to actually go it!} are being blessed.

On the way home from school it dawned on me that my hunger for the Word is growing. My contentment with being just me is growing. My desire to serve my family is growing. My sensitivity to sin is growing.  Hmm sounds to me like my heart is changing. {I hope my family can tell soon. Last night wasn't a giveaway!}

I will continue to read, memorize, pray. He will continue to bless as I seek Him.

btw. I'm adding verse 6 to header!


  1. the Lord spoke to my heart and said "Hello. I'm over here!" I get this totally. Here I am again with a change in schedule and I am just getting by with things and what should be the most important isn't getting done. Thanks for the honesty!


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