Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where in the world did they go!?

  I was gathering up my things for school today last night and I could not find my scrubs. Thus the search began. I hadn't worn them in a week and I really thought I had put them away. Not there. 
They were probably in the laundry in my room.  Not there. 
Ok the pile to be folded on the couch. MMm still not finding them.
There was only one place left. The abyss otherwise known as the laundry room. Mom thought they were in the dryer. No problem. Check. Nope. In that to be washed? Nope. Dun dun dun.... in the washing machine.

I don't know about your washer but ours has a button that says "pause". I thought I could pause, open the door, look, and start where it left off. Apparently not cause I tried pushing that button and the door still wouldn't open. 2 hours later [2 past my bedtime goal] I was pulling the wet clothes from the washer. I saw a flash of purple. Phew.

This morning I pulled the clothes from the dryer. That flash of purple. Only my scrub pants.  I started talking to Jesus about a) me being calm b) Him helping me find the top. I tried the laundry pile on the couch again and after turning it over a few times I came across the top. The day was saved!

While I was up last night, during the time I could have been folding the laundry and thus finding the top that I didn't realize was not in the washer, I sought to employ myself in another useful fashion. I prayed. And you know what? It was sweet. I realized that in the past 3 weeks I have not prayed like I have been. I have not carved out time to pray for the needs of others. That isn't to say I've neglected it all together but it was not the same purposeful prayer that I had grown to love and cherish.

I think the LORD might very well have allowed me to lose my scrubs just so that I would pray.
I'm glad He did.

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