Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two or three times I've had something to post about. Do I remember what they were? No.  Did my internet falter when they were on my mind? Yes, of course. [Its out to get me I'm sure.] Ms. Shannonnen says I need to post again. This post is for her.

* Finally got all school related material turned in. [stupid shots]
* Did not cry when Ms. T was a snothead when I turned in the afore mentioned material.
* Spent the middle of the day Wednesday making Asian dumplings with Lana and sons. [post with pictures to come]
* Was invited to the Tagg home for eggrolls! Koreans can make some good-uns. Food followed by excellent chatting.
* Ice cream social tomorrow evening at Church!
* Praying for some friends- all over.
* Rejoicing over new babies.
* Celebrating the establisment of new families.
* Family fun with Wingmen and the Singer families last night.

It isn't exactly a "real" post Ms. Shannonnen but it affords a few moments of reading material. 

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