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 Last evening we had the B family over for dinner.  I have said before I love to have people over and this time was no different. This is a lovely family that we don't know well. Molly is my age and I love her. I think she has a pretty cool testimony at that. She and I wanted to get together to swap stories about our adventures this summer.
Molly has a heart for missions. She spent a month in Africa this summer. First in Zambia then in South Africa.  She told us of the wonders of our mighty God. Molly went with about 60 other people on this trip through a ministry at her college. While they were in Zambia, they spent a week in a village sharing the Gospel with the people every day. They had been told that the last venture into a village had been rather discouraging. No one seemed to be interested in hearing. tThey trusted that God could do great things but kept their expectations low.

Molly told us that on the first day, the Chief and dignitaries of the village Believed after their first exposure to the Gospel.  That is so exciting to me. One day when Molly was sharing, a woman came to Christ and when the team asked if she had any prayer requests the woman told them about her hands.  Her hands probably had some sort of arthritis.  They hurt her every morning but as they day wore on her hands hurt less and she was able to use them. Molly and her team explained to her more about the Savior she just met wanting her to really understand that it was HE who could heal her hands. The woman was adamant that the God who saved her soul could heal her hands. So they prayed; then they waited.

Molly herself broke her radius or ulnar [not sure which] of one arm in a hard fall last February. She broke it both at the wrist and at the elbow. Her break was so bad that she had nerve damage in her pointer finger and thumb and was not able to bend the two to meet.

At dinner the day that Molly and her team prayed for the lady, something miraculous happened. Molly held her sandwich with her thumb and pointer finger for the first time since the accident. The next day they met the woman on the road. Our Great Physician had healed her hands as well!

"Many people were added to their number daily" and many were healed. I am wowed by the power of our God. I tend to forget that He still works such "raw" wonders as that.  He is the same God in the bush as He is in the suburb.  He is just as able to heal here as He is there. Molly pointed out that God does not just want to heal the new African Believers He wants to heal  His messengers too.

I just wonder though, if such miracles were part of our everyday what would we think.  Would we be like "His own"? "He came unto His own but His own did not know Him." Or would we become like many of the people who followed who cared only about His power and not Him?  Would the masses try to wield His name like some for of magick? Or would they bow in wonder and awe?