Friday, August 5, 2011


I was so Impatient, but where did it come from? Why this disgruntled, snappy spirit?

I had lost my peace.

That was it. I wanted an answer ASAP.  I wanted to plan everything out for the next 5 or so years in a
week.  Haha.  Silly me.

I became consumed in finding an answer instead being consumed by He who gives it.

In case you ever wonder, we cannot make up the right answers. We cannot coerce God into giving them.  We just have to trust Him.

I did not trust Him. I thought He'd get the timing wrong. I needed to know then-now! Right?

My peace was restored. He turned my heart back to Himself. Praise Him who does not leave us to ourselves!   

Ok. I will trust You and Your timing and Your ability to give me eyes to see the answer. 
I will bless Your name.

This time my impatience sprung out of a disquieted spirit. One that did not trust God. I believed the lie that He would not show me what I needed [wanted?] to know. I did not believe that He is good; that He hears our every prayer and attends to all our needs far better than any earthly father.

Are you consumed by looking for the answer or by He who gives it?

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  1. I often want God to answer in my timing. It's kind like when Bro. Dale talks about those people that say they're going to ask God what in the world He was doing/thinking when they get to heaven. He says if they're thinking they will call the LORD onto the carpet for a chewing out when they see Him they've got it ALL wrong! We will be on our faces before the Mighty God, not asking Him to explain Himself. Oh, He is soooo good and merciful to us, isn't He?


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