Asian Dumplings

Wednesday Lana came over to join with me in the great adventure of Asian Dumpling making.
We had a wonderful time and made a grand mess.

Lana was running late so I made the dough knowing it had to sit for about an hr.
When she got there I thought I was all ready for her but when I went to get the meat I found that it had been put in the freezer.
Frozen meat. Great. We put it in hot water to thaw it.
Who knows how long later.... we began.

To actually make the dumplings rolled the dough into 3 inch circles.
I say "We" . Really it was "Lana".
[Side note: Lana is great at including kids in her projects. She had the littles helping all along the way.]
Of course every picture I took with my little Olympus of that process was not salvageable.


was actually the leftovers of the meat that we used to fill the circles.
We used a pork filling with green onions, garlic, ginger, and other yumminess.
These are the filled circles.

I have no clue how much filling I put in each circle.
But that is how I cook. Dash of this. Dash of that.
Therefore I can't ever recreate exactly anything I make.
This is besides the post.

These particular dumplings can be cooked 3 ways: pan fried, boiled, or steamed.
 General consensus was that pan fried is best. I like steamed ok too. We cooked most via boiling.
I think we ended up with about 100 dumplings.
Mass cooking is a must.

My dumplings looked --sad.  Yes, that is how I will describe them.

They tasted, on the other hand, yummy!

The left over meat from above became nothing less than stir fry.

It had rice, this meat, and eggs. Twas yummers.