There is a girl who is very impatient.She snaps at anything and everything. She snaps at children. She snaps at dogs. She is impatient in a different way as well.  She likes to make plans-quickly. She likes to know what comes next and when she isn't told immediately it bothers her. She likes things her way and wants her plans  to come to fruition.  Oh there are times when slow traffic is not a problem. More often or not it does not ruffle her feathers. But you never know. She is unpredictable.  One can not begin to pinpoint her triggers. They varry. There are some buttons that are worn out to the point of instant reactions and other are worn out so much they have broken.  Such a contentious woman is not a blessing.

Maybe you have your own areas of impatience.  I obviously do. I am thinking on doing a study of the roots of impatience. What are the reasons that I lose my temper?  Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. What is in my heart that needs to be purged and replaced? What Scripture truths do I need implant in my heart to fix it and therefore better my relationship with the Father?

Would anyone care to make this a group blog Bible study?
If you have thoughts you'd like to share will you blog about them and post a link in a commment?