I love having people over and visiting with friends.  In fact, I have before lamented the fact that nowadays people do not  make social calls and have tea or drop by to visit their friends. Such a life sounds like fun to me. I realized a few days ago that the Jane Austen/woman/homemaker in me sort of does make her rounds of social calls. I've been back stateside for about two 2 weeks.In these 2 weeks I have seen and visited with my girlfriends and made it a point to do so.  Not only that, but before I left I had a list of people that I saw or at least made a point to talk to. It was almost like a "take leave" in Austen's day. [well, my understanding of what that is].

Maybe one day I will be in a place where I am like Sloveig's mom who always had people wandering into her kitchen.  She was prepared to love on them all and point them to Jesus in whatever was going on in their world. And. She had coffee.