Garage Salin

One of my requests when I arrived stateside was that I go garage salin. Today I went out with Ms. Robbie, momma, Mary, LaTasha, and Kate. The garge sales were kind of a bust but we had a great time. I hit my head on the van so hard it made my lip tingle. Yes, according to some, that means my head was asleep. :)  Want to see some all of my finds?

$0.25 cup

$2 [cause they are pretty]

$1 [brand new from target]
3 puzzles.$.75;$.75;$1 [we still have the above one at Nana's]

There weren't that many good garage sales this morning so by 8:somethin we were done.The goodwill was on that side of town though so we stopped by.  I got a few things.

$3 top. 2 $3.75 pants!
[do you know how hard it is to find good scrub pants in small?]

$3.75.  Everyone calls them clown pants. I love them :D

We decided to stop by Jills on the way home- mom, kate, and me. I splurged.
[ok so it was a great price but much for me]

$4. Just cause it was cute.

$6.99 [Smocking for big people. Love!]
I am now officially broke. No more spending money for me. Thankfully I worked today.

Note: I know the pictures are cruddy. Forgive me.