Benjamin Scot

NOTE: It isn't really all that good until the bold but I wanted to record as much as I could remember. I really wish I had a better memory cause this is a bit patchy.

Ben: Come eere. No not you hur.  He pointed.

Me: Whatcha need?

Ben: I wanna talk to you. I have 3 keys.

Me: Those are very cool. I like keys.

Ben: Im gonna give one to my girlfriend.

Me:What is your girlfriend's name?

Ben: Benjamin Scott S--

Me: No, what is her name?

Some language that I don't quite understand.

Ben: Which one do you want?

Me:I want the razorback one.

Ben:This one? It has a wazorback on it.

Me: Yes that one.

Ben: When I get home I'm gonna cut it off wiff da scissors.

 Another long string of things that the key will do once he has used the scissors on it. Plus some odds and ends conversation.

Ben: I'm gonna marry you.

Me: Oh really? Have you talked to my dad?

Ben: My dad? I haven't talked to him yet but I will. I'm gonna ask him if you can come home wiff me.

Me: Well you have to ask my dad too.

Beanie comes up.

Ben: I'm gonna marry her. What's you name?

Me: Rebekah.

Ben: I'm gonna marry Rwebekah.

More confusing conversation

Ben: Ok I'm gonna ask my dad. Lets take a break.

He sits down beside me and I get up to enter into adult conversation. After a few minutes he goes to his dad.

Ben: Dad I'm gonna marry Rebekah.

His dad: You better ask her dad.

Me: You better ask him! I point to my dad.

Ben:Where is he?

 His dad and me: There he is right there!

Ben to my dad: I'm gonna marry her. Points back to me.

My dad: Well I think there is a bit of an age difference. We also need to make sure you know Jesus first.

Ben: I'm gonna take you out to eat at chic-fil-a.

Me: When you can drive maybe you can take me.

Ben: I'm gonna have a truck and your gonna have a truck. I'm gonna have 5 trucks. We are gonna get married in a twailer.

Jeddica: When are you going to get married? Soon or maybe in the far future.

Ben: In da future.

I of course had to tell him most likely that wasn't going to happen. After all, he is quite a bit younger than I.


  1. That's my Benjiboy! Hilarious! I would gladly welcome you into the family. I really am sad he's only 3 and not 23. : )


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