I have this school assignment [for Intermediate aerobics?!] and since I really don't have much of a word processor on my computer at the moment I thought I'd use blogger.

I've tried to start this like 5 times now. I'm not feeling creative. :/

Day 2. No need to be creative. Due tomorrow.

I came into the world as a cone head. My momma labored long and hard but she needed help.  Then it happened.  A vacuum helped me out- literally.  I was dubbed Rebekah Joy H. at birth. I have since received an eclectic assortment of names. Rebekah is the staple one though. I was just the first of a whole passel of children born into a wonderful family. There are six of us to be exact- kids that is.  My parents are doing a great job of raising us.  Even though I am 20 I still am being 'raised' in a sense. My parent's utmost desire is for us to love the LORD with all of our hearts.  They devote much time and energy into teaching us to do so. Thus far the LORD has blessed their efforts. I am sure He will continue to.  My greatest aim in life is to love Jesus as I have been called yes, even commanded to do. 

 Mommyhood is a  great honor in my opinion, one that I would be ecstatic to become a mommy myself. Alas, one must first be a wife. [I can't say that would be a tragedy.] All fun aside I really do want to be a wife then mother. I am confident that it is not something to be looked down upon.  If by chance, you wonder at my writing ineptness, may I be quick to tell you I received the best of training both in highschool and here at college.  I even passed those classes with As but I am not an English major. Two words. Dental Hygiene. I am one of  those kinds of people. One the ones that finds chemistry FUN.  Don't shoot. I'm not that good at it. In the spring, I will graduate from dental hygiene school but I won't be done with school yet. I will either pursue a bachelors in dental hygiene or maybe apply to the surgical technology program.

 I'm looking at my assignment sheet and it says "hobbies, fitness, diet, and health." "Lets start at the very beginning. Its a very good place to start...." [Sound of Music. Heard that one? Great.] Hobbies. I love to sing and play my mandolin and piano "very ill" to quote Elizabeth Bennet [or Jane Austen whichever way you want to look at it.] Fitness. I do that in classes at school.  Diet. Lacking in protein- sometimes. Health. I always wonder how to answer this one. It is kind of like Brian Regan's thoughts on pain in the ER. Do I say perfect or good? It is certainly not 'fair'. How about this;  To my knowledge I have no major health concerns. 

And that, my friends, is a quick look at me.