2 Things and some edits

There are 2 things I know for sure as of right now.

1. The ends never justify the means.
2. Sorcery is a work of the flesh.

Knowing these things helps some but it hasn't cleared my thinking entirely.  So the search for truth with which to draw my final conclusion on all things fantasy continues. Any thoughts? I would *love* to hear them.


Ok so, OT references speak of not practicing or consulting witchcraft/sorcery/the occult.(Deuteronomy 18; 2 Kings 21:6 2 Chronicles 33:6)

 The NT in Galations 5 lists sorcery along with emnity and sexual immorality [among other things] as a work of the flesh.

We know that we are free in Christ. All things are lawful but not all things are profitable (1 Cor 6 and 10).

To be continued...


More thoughts.

The witchcraft that we are told to shun is that of the occult. It is that which is practiced in our time and space. The Father wants us to have no part in demonic forces.  The witchcraft of books can be set in our time and space and then I would say probably not something to read but again- your discretion. Most fantasy books are totally fantasy though-not to be confused with reality.

Fantasy magic and such are patterned after what was originally demonic.
 Is that then taking what is inherently evil and making it good? Is that wrong?

I for one, don't pick up a Narnia book and think of how the figures in it were used in pagan worship.  If I remember any reference at all it is in the context of a myth which in my mind is just another fantasy story. But what of other things? What of things that are more like actual witches and wizards?   Aren't we supposed to flee from even the appearance of evil and not to associate with the things of darkness but rather expose them?

It  becomes a very tangled web.

If a person knows that they are easily drawn to mysticism and such then maybe they should avoid all kinds of things that could spark such a desire. [By the way, the principles stands true for other areas of temptation as well.] If the piece of work does not have a clear distinction between good and evil then again maybe it should be avoided.  It is looking a piece for the themes it promotes and your own bent that should determine wether it is something that you should partake in.  Ask God to show you what He wants from you.

I also want to point out that if such books/media could in anyway hinder your witness then they should be avoided. It isn't about our own flesh but rather about glorifying the LORD.

No matter how I turn it and what angle I come from I keep coming to this same conclusion.
 "All things are lawful."

This is post is getting quite long. I'll add more in part 2 later.


  1. My thought is that sorcery is not a work of the flesh.

  2. The Bible is very clear on this point: witchcraft, sorcery and the like are outlawed. There is a very simple reason for this, namely, that if one is not seeking the supernatural through God's means, then the only alternative is that one is seeking the supernatural through means which are anti-God. Which I would think...is Satan.

  3. when the man reached out to steady the ark and fell dead, the end did not justify the means

  4. Ok this is getting long. :-P I did read in Galatians where it named off several things that are of the flesh. And Sorcery was one of them. But yet I do not believe that we humans made up sorcery or that it begins with us. Deuteronomy 18:9-14 which definitely doesn't speak kindly of sorcery. Maybe that's it. :-P I keep thinking of more.


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