Friday, August 26, 2011

1st Week of School

Just as I suffer from pre-trip homesickness, I suffer from all sorts of pre-event anxiety. School was one of those 'event's that I flipped out over.

Similar to my firstdayofschool face
It  began a week ago today when I realized how much stuff I had to get together for school on Monday. It finally hit me. School was just around the corner and that meant so was clinic. I didn't sleep well the rest of the weekend and woke up nauseous Monday morning. There was this worried/scared expression across my face most of the day. By the end of the day I had come to the brink of tears only a few times.[They never spilled over! YAY]

When I got home from school my first reaction was to complain on facebook. If I was freaking then everyone should know about it. It was not long into the evening before my heart was changed.  I slowed down. Reminded myself of His character. Repented. Let it go.

The rest of the week has gone wonderfully. I love the things that we are learning. I have several wonderful teachers.  I wasn't even upset by my no-shows on Wednesday! The LORD just provided what I needed.

The week ended with a FANTASTIC score on my mock board. We were "encouraged" to study for boards over the summer but I did not want to spend my last summer studying so I didn't. I found out yesterday that the mock board was actually worth a grade. I thought I was done for. I went through some old index cards I made for last year then went to bed at 9:37 and thought no more about it. This morning I took the test and came out 2nd highest in the class. I am pleased. I was thrilled with my score even before I found out what others had. Almost passing!!!!

School is still going to be crazy hard. Yes I will choose to remember His promises. He sends His children good gifts. He will finish His work in me.

Note: Why no first day of school picture? 1. I don't ever remember taking one. 2. I was so stressed my face broke out too bad. Yes. I am that vain. 

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