Basket from Meg for Vacation
 My dear friend Meg is in a beautiful romantic gonna-get-married-eventually relationship. They aren't engaged but both entered the relationship with the idea of it ending in marriage lest one die or something else just as tragic.

I chat her on facebook this evening. She told me "
I'm random wedding hunting". In plain English that means she is on the cool wedding idea sites looking at well, ideas.

" You know how everyone says it just gets harder and harder to wait? Wrongo."

She went on to explain her "why".  " I think that's just man's way of thinking really...  obviously nobody can sit and wait for anything on their own power but with God instead of getting whiny and depressed you get stronger and stronger."

I think what she said was right on!  When we look at circumstances instead of at the Savior it messes everything up. We are to be content in all circumstances and to give thanks always.  In our flesh we look around us, see the things we can't/don't have and begin to long for them. Often times we begin to doubt God's goodness. Oh we don't say "I don't believe you care" but by our attitudes we declare the thoughts of our heart.  It doesn't stop at waiting for a proposal. This concept stretches beyond that.
I am no stranger to desire. There are things I want.  I am a woman who was built with a softspot for one man. I would love to be the creative one. Or the friend who has the patience of Job with seemingly little effort.  It is very easy to become upset or covetous or envious of others around me.  I could go there and have before.  In my effort to be an obedient daughter who wants to please the Father I've had to learn to stop and do 3 things.
  1. Speak the truth about the people in the situation- including me.
I am not the same person as those whose qualities or circumstances I could envy. I am no less Saved than they are. I look the same before God as they because it is Christ's righteousness not my own in which I stand before the throne.  If there are character qualities I see and want I must remind myself that a diligent woman's efforts are blessed. If it is a personality trait or a physical talent I look to the passages that talk about how we as the church work together as one body. I have different giftings and talents in order that I might best display Christ and build up His bride. If we were all alike nothing would be accomplished.
  2. Develop a thankful heart

I have been given gifts that are specific to me. No one else has them. Only me. Everything that I have been given is a gift from the Father who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think and who loves us with a love that is incomprehensible.  He has put me in the circumstances I am in with the character issues I have for the express purpose of  reflecting His glory. He does not need me but He chose me to be a vessel of grace- a bearer of the message of reconciliation.  Each and every thing in my life is given for my good- for my sanctification and consequently His glory. Therefore, in everything I am to give thanks! The same is true for every believer.  When I stop and thank Him for each vexing moment or each trifle of good I am blessed and it blesses Him.  Obedience is always the best choice (we are commanded to give thanks!) Besides that your whole perspective changes when you say "thank you" for each and everything that comes across your path- good and bad.  I asked the LORD to give me eyes to see the little things that He does- then I thanked Him when I saw them. I think the choice to be thankful enabled me to see things that I hadn't noticed before.
      3. Look for ways to serve where I am

I have to ask God to show me how I can best serve Him where I am. What things that are specific to me alone can and will He use?  Who needs comfort that only you can give because of your past? Maybe your sewing skills can open a door to discipling that young worn out mom. What gifts and talents do you posses that can bless others? Moreover, who around you have you passed over because you were so concerned with your desires for someone else's circumstances?  Are there those who yearn for your love that you've been too preoccupied to see? If you ask Him He will show you who they are and what to do.

Truly the key is turning our eyes off of the gift and onto the giver as cliche as that is.

Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh Demoss spurred me onto this road. If you have never read that book and you are a woman I suggest you do. It was written for women in general regardless of marital status. 

Is this a universal cure to discontentment? I would say so. Although I didn't cite Scripture you should be able to see my references to it.  Learning what the truth is then choosing to walk in it is the cure to any heart ailment.  Honestly, if I slack in being thankful then my whole countenance/ attitude suffers.

Meg's wise observation was a divine set up I'm sure. I haven't been all that excited about my trip out of town tomorrow.  I know I'll enjoy the vacation but I haven't been looking forward to it because I get home only to leave again. I'm quite a homebody for my home people.  It looks as if I need to spend some time being thankful and looking for opportunities to serve Him where I am.

NOTE: I firmly believe that God does not *need* us to accomplish His work. He will use whomever He chooses.So, although a person might be seemingly fit for the job God may harden their heart to it and use a different means. If we don't worship the rocks will cry out.