Saturday, July 2, 2011


The other day I tried my hand at Vlogging (I even wrote a whole post that was rather good for me as far as literary quality goes but then blogger acted up and deleted it. I was thrilled).  Gretta has a web cam so it was going to be super easy.  I tried it and fumbled with my words because of course the speech part of my brain thinks it should be nervous even though the nervous part of my brain isn't.  I went back to watch it (to see how bad it really was) to find that it only recorded the last 30seconds. Ok. Take 2. Annd 3. I, being the bright intelligent person I am, then realized it wasn't my fault. It only records snippets through that program. Alas, Gretta you will not be helping me with this project.

I have no intention whatsoever of Vlogging my regular posts. I am in the middle of the production of a film called Jill. Just like every other movie(ok maybe not every movie) I thought that there should be behind the scene footage and cast interviews.

Vado is my friend (Gretta isn't working but the vado is!).

 Fyi, I'm really bad at the whole vlogging thing. I stutter and stammer and my cinematography skills are level 2 (meaning I capture my subject *most* of the time). The sad part is that, after today, we will be basically done filming.  Today is to be a long filming day so hopefully I can get some good footage!

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