No duh!

I learned a few years ago that what media I take in has a MAJOR effect on my attitude. I have no recollection as to how I clued in. Maybe I learned it in a book or maybe from my mom. I really don't know (I suspect concept --> mom --> Matthew 12:22-27). It may very well be that I realized it by solely the Holy Spirit's leading (specifically) .

Romantic media= loneliness stirred=vulnerable=sinful heart thoughts

Once I clued into that I began to radically cut back on what I listen, read, and watch with those kind of themes in it. Especially when the media choice isn't a godly display of a romantic relationship.

Today I read in my book (see picture) about the same concept!  Of course I flipped out in my head "Someone else besides me relates it to attitudes with the same thought process as me!" (That my friends is a rarity and kind of scary. You don't want to look in my brain.)

"We've got to limit or eliminate junk food...things we read and watch and listen to that only feed our greed or envy or lust,our dissatisfaction or disappointment with life."