It has begun

It has begun. I suffer from periodic bouts with a rare diseas called "pretrip homesickenss". I know of no other people who have this condition.  It can be triggered by a certain event or just by the trip's approaching.

The disease can cause mental and physical distress.  One begins to think of hte fact that they will soon be parted from their family for an extended period of time and begins to miss them before the event takes place. Some of the symptoms may include minor depression, tears, and gastrointestinal issues.  The marks of this disease are different in each of its sufferers.  The only cure is time with Jesus and actually being gone on the trip.

My current battle with the disease has been warded off by Scripture and excitement up until this point. The trigger this time - dinner with grandparents.  I love them so much and feel like I hardly get to see them.  Need to work on that huh?

Best medicine to ease the symptoms. Time to with loved ones (preferably at home).

Treatment to ease the condition until it has been fully cured. Time with loved ones (at home preferably).  :)


  1. oh, i've suffered from pre-trip homesickness (and pre-marriage homesickness too). once i'm gone, it's gone pretty quick, too.
    will be praying for you while you are on your trip!


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