I'm Home

If you were to ask me about my trip I'm not sure what I'd tell you yet. If you were to ask me my favorite part I'm pretty sure I'd just pick the first story that came to mind. I'm tired. Slept like a rock on the church chairs this afternoon. Praise the LORD I slept well last night. 7:!5 wake-up call this am. Not really happy that my hope was deferred by the fact that the owner of the voice by which i was awakened belonged to my neighbor and not Big Daddy. I most definitely could have slept more.

Brittney's Wedding was beautiful by all accounts both pictures and verbal. I'm so glad.

I love dishes. I want a house to decorate. (A husband would be nice too. tehe) I made some new friends from old acquaintances. My calfs have shaped up and I'm pretty sure I lost about 5 pounds. 

I can't bring myself to eat chicken feet.  Squid is a vegetable. Green veggies are my favorite.

Oh, and just for the record, I'll be going back.