'Bama Baby!

Tonight's Dinner
 I'm in Bama! 

Occurances/facts on/about my trip so far and other things in no particular order:

Have you ever stayed at a Microtel? They are cool. Mmm they have window seats. Yes, I am fascinated.

I hit the jackpot at Gymboree! Stoked! Got Beanie t-shirts and Lana's boys some cute stuff! I felt like an Auntie.

I got my eyebrows waxed. (Don't kill me Sam.)

Read some Gospel according to Jesus but that is another post.

I have pictures on my phone that need to be uploaded... but not tonight.

I need to vlog the last full day of shooting. Not tonight.

Sleeping in a house of a smoker means I wake up with fluid in my whereeveritis. Ewww...

Brushing one's teeth in that same house then remaining there means that one feels as if they have not ever brushed their teeth.

Spritual conversations in the car centered around atheism, apologetics, and the Gospel.

Goodwills. Nough said.

Jamming to Trans Siberian Orchestra across the Bama line.

Disney cartoon classics at the top of one's lungs entering the Rose city.

Headache and tiredness.


Monogrammed beach bags!

The Shed BBQ.

More traveling tomorrow. Thankfully should be less than an hour's worth.

Good Southern drawls. Haven't learned to consistently copy them yet.

Reading children's books with British accents. Me- Jane Austen style. Uncle E- a bit more modern with a touch of street to it.

More adventures to come and I'll try to put them into a much neater story form as the arrive. ;)