Wonderful things Wednesday

I haven't had a Wonderful Things Wednesday in a long while.
Today I got a wonderful thing.
I figured I'd share it with ya.

The one on left.
I bought a piece of this luggage. The largest one. Yes, it is orange.
Not usually my favorite color but, after the shock of spending that much money on one item that was NOT electronic, I think I may be in love.

It has a hard back and a semi hard front with a pocket.
Although I love Lana's purple one, this one is lighter and mine.
I should quit talking before I go into buyers remorse and take it back.
Oh dear...


  1. Are you going to share the price? I am so super curious now!

  2. I love orange. Looks like a great buy!

  3. With everything I purchased it ended up being just over $100. For most that probably isn't much, but for someone like me who doesn't usually spend more than $20 or $30 at a time it is much money.

  4. it's cute!!! ... years in the future you might laugh over the agony of the decision to make such a 'huge' purchase. i remember buying my stereo. far and away the most expansive thing i had ever bought. it was at least 7 years ago. spent most of my Christmas money that year on it, so it must have been around 100 bucks... dad was right, i've kept it for years and will keep it for more. but oh, the agony of spending such a large amount of cash! :)


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