This week...

Last week was VBS at Legacy.
This week was VBS at FBC.
I helped lead 3-5th missions.
Mr. Idon'treallydokids, helped and was fantastic at it!
Most memorable funny moments.
34 little girls- "Eeewww their kissing on the lips" Bennett-  "Well duh their married"
"If I ever treated my momma that way she'd beat me until I couldn't sit down for a week!!!!"
Most memorable sweet moment.
Watching the above mentioned helper lead a little boy I know to Jesus.

What did I learn?
I really can be patient. 

Finds of the week
Some lovely clothes.
I have a dusky blue dress that looks a bit Jane Austenish.
Adorable skirt. Nike wind jacket that is cut for a girl! *happy dance*
Funky purple jersy skirt.
And some more fun things like...
$6:50 Keens

Books for *my* library
A shirt for a friend.

Present from mom.
Things I am working on...
book study book
a series I started by accident

Shawna's cards
How God has proven Himself faithful...
There are many things but just to name the ones that are *bigger*.
The LORD closed one door to a computer and showed me which other door to choose. 
I have an Asus (not a mac :{ ) in the mail.

He also provided me with work.
Keeping two little ones I've never kept before tomorrow.
I have a 2 night nanny job this weekend too with some fun Hawk girls.
AND He sent my Nana to me with spending money for my trips this much.

Look at the abundance of His love!

NOTE: She is in! Right as I clicked publish the kids said I had a package! I need to get her up and running and name her! Yay God! I asked Him if He could get my new computer to me in record time and it is her in 2 days instead of the 3-7 the site said!!!


  1. that is an awesome shirt! ... luke and i still say 'your face is...' to each other. yeah, we're real mature :)

    cool about your computer! glad it came so quickly.


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