Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Trips

 As many of you know, I have been out of town visiting some family in a far off land that smells of sweet grass and coal. Consequently I have so many things to blog about.

My trip started with tears. I like to have someone familiar with me at all times. I want a family member or close friend to join me in all my adventures- mostly. So when I had to fly all by my lonesome I got "skeered".

Ticket counter (idk what to call it) 1.

The line was hours long. Yes I measured in hours because that is how long it would take for me to go through it. I didn't come early enough in advance to be able to stand there that long. NOT good. God, however, is good. While mom and I contemplated what we were going to do the lady at the desk made a brand new line for those who were on my flight. Person number 2 in line. Her sense of humor helped my stomach be not soooo queezy.

So after chatting with her as she helped the man in front of us who was not American, had extra baggage, and tried to use his passport instead of his drivers license  it was our my turn. I handed her the only paperwork I had (Expedia is ones friend) and she went to work typing things into her computer. Woohoo boarding pass! The only problem is I had 3 flights and she could only get me 1 pass. Great way to start your first solo flight experience. *jazz grin*

Ticket counter 2.

The lady at ticket counter 1 told us we couldn't get my other passes there she pointed me down the row to another airline. Guess what? That line was hours long too!? How awesome is that? At this time I have about an hour and a half before my plane boards.  Let me point out I've never been in the airport before and I still have to go through security. Mom couldn't stay our ride was waiting on her. So I had to be brave. Haha I failed.

"Stay here 45mins and if you don't get them just get them at the gate when you get there."

"Yes, mam." 

I cried. No shyin away from it. Tornado the night before. First time flying alone. Can't get all my passes. Changed airlines without my knowing. No clue how to navigate these big airports. Just a little stressed! Have I mentioned I get homesick? Cause I do. Tears. Flowed. But... God is good.

Mom left but no sooner had she walked away and she was back. She was teary eyed too. And then you know what my momma did for me? She prayed over me. She asked God to calm my fears and to teach me to trust Him and get me safely to my destination. God is good. He answered my mommas prayer within minutes. (He already had it orchestrated from the beginning of time but still) I breathed deep and prayed and it wasn't long before my tears were stayed.

There was a man who had been on the phone trying to get his flights all worked out standing behind me in line. He wasn't happy but he wasn't a jerk about it either. I don't remember how the conversation started but it turns out that he was probably a believer. He was a middle aged OBGYN who worked at a university in the area and went on medical missions especially to South America.  I am not sure if he saw my tears and had compassion or what but his conversation helped me to gain my emotional footing. (He also told me about someone in my town who works with him to form teams. Who knows what that might develop into!) 

My waiting window was up. I needed to get through security and find my gait. 1 in 3 boarding passes in hand.

Finding my gait was no problem. I was still nervous but no longer sick. The rest of the trip went pretty smoothly. After trying yet again at airport one to get my other two passes I ended up having to get them at airport 2.  I am thankful that I tried to get them at there because airlines and numbers were changed so I'm not sure how easily it would have been for me to find out where to go to get them otherwise. So again God is good.Oh and let me add ...He loves His children.

One of the best ways for me to relax is to be friendly with people. So I smile and converse when it isn't being too awkward. It was so cool on my first flight. There were 4 of us who chatted like we were friends on a choir trip or something.  God just kept proving His goodness. While waiting for my last flight I was able to try to speak of Spiritual things with a lady. She and her granddaughter had been to Alaska for a fortnight. She was rather rotund and smelled like old person with a hint of urine. No matter. Her gruff self needed some kindness. I've no idea what that little Methodist (nothin against Methodist) woman thought of me but I think her granddaughter agreed with what I had to say. Quite frankly I did a terrible job and was sad that I didn't do a better job on my previous flights with my previous contacts.

Lastly my final flight, according to mom, was supposed to be a "puker". We were in a little plane just 3 seats across. The flight was just as smooth as the others. It was great. I sat next to a different middle aged gentleman who was hard of hearing. I am pretty sure that 'most everyone around us could hear all my answers to each question he posed. :)

God is so good.


  1. I would be scared too! The Lord loves you, Bekah!


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