Elsie Dinsmore

If you have never read the Elsie Dinsmore series then you should.  The series follows the entire life of young Elsie Dinsmore. Elsie loves the LORD with all of her heart and is a great example for any reader. Each book is full of references to Scripture. More than one time the Gospel is fully presented. Good books.

While on my trip, I picked up one of the books to read (Book3 Elsie's Girlhood) and found this recipe.

"'"Oh, Aunt Wealthy, won't you tell me how to make the Farmer's fruit-cake?" asked the visitor...
"Certainly, Mrs. Schilling. You must soak three cups of dried apples in warm water over night, drain off the water through a sieve, chop the apples slightly, them simmer them for two hours in three cups of molasses. After that add two eggs, one cup of sugar, one cup of sweet milk or water, three-fourths of a cup of butter or lard, one-half teaspoon of soda, flour to make a pretty stiff batter, cinnomon, cloves, and other spices to suit your taste."'"

We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.

NOTE:  Martha Finley won't ever been known for her literary abilities. There are times when it is downright boring. Don't give up! It gets better.