Scholarship Letters

 I have this thing about asking for money. I really don't like to do it.  But I'm leaving the country this summer and have been told to send out letters. So, today I reluctantly obeyed.

Oh I've heard the arguments. "It gives someone a way to join the team.", " Some people are just meant to hold the rope.", "You shouldn't deprive them of their opportunity to serve." I figure they are right. (I need to do some more research on this, btw.)

I've talked to the LORD about how it kinda irks me. I've also been doing this study on the Disciple's prayer.  The point I've been studying most recently is "Give us this day our daily bread".   There is a two fold point to this in prayer.

 1. We are submitting to the fact that He does provide for our ever need.
 2. We ask for Him to provide for our every need when we have them in front of us.

"Lord, this is my need. I need funds to go. Yes, I could pay out of pocket but I'd rather not use my savings. I don't know how you are going to provide but I know you will. You always do. I didn't even hardly bother with trying to get money last time. All of a sudden it was there!"

This has kind of been the prayer of my heart about the whole issue. Today, I finally wrote and sent my letters. (One of the first times I've had time to set aside and devote to it.) Today, I got an email from GF asking for a financial status report saying that there were scholarships waiting if I had need.

Hmm. Does anyone besides me think that maybe my Father is moving on my behalf?


  1. hey! nice blog!!
    the shellac runs about $20. i go to Q Nails Spa on zero street by eureka pizza!
    hope you have a great summer!!!

  2. Becca, I'm right there with you. Asking for money is always a hard thing to do. The Lord is always faithful though. Thank you for posting this, I needed some encouragement about my own fundraising delimias. :)

  3. Ya know Claire I've done some more reading on the subject and have an idea of where I am going to search Scriptures on it. I still am not convinced that this is the way the LORD would prefer. Once I figure out my final thoughts I'll post again.


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