Saturday happenings thus far...

1. Garage salin' this am with the Rowton women and momma. Fun. I got dishes.  YAY! Pictures to come soon.

2. Am I the only person who has tried to login to a website knowing that she has an account only to find out that she used the wrong user name? Fyi, I did remember the correct passoword.

3. While we're on the subject of logins, on site number two of the afternoon I couldn't remember either. Username or password. That is what I get for not saving it somewhere...

4. In other news, although it is mother's day I have no present to give tangibly. Instead I do believe I'll clean the house.


  1. mother's day is earlier this year, and at the tail end of passover, 5 birthdays, easter, and graduation. i'm gifted out i think. can't think of ANYTHING for either mom, and don't really want to go anywhere either. i think we'll be at home and eat sammiches for lunch. except, we have no lunchmeat. hm.

  2. haha Well I ended up having to take Roger to practice and got very little cleaning done.


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