Mourning Chirpy

We are in mourning at our house. It happened. Sir Kevin Eric Chirpy the third died today. It was a tragic death that snatched him from a bright horizon into a dark grave.

He was there in the backyard enjoying his new found freedom in an outdoor cage instead of a cardboard box. As he chirped around the yard trying his wing for the first time, he had no idea that danger was crouching. Then it was over. He was gone.

Earnie the dog thought that dear Chirpy looked delectable. He took a bite. Poor Chirpy was only one bite's worth of bird.

It affect each family member a little differently.

Kate, the caretaker, was saddened by the loss of her fledgling. After hrs of feeding her bird at 20min intervals she had become quite attached.

Roger, he laughed it off.

Beans, I am not sure it has sunk in. She had more of a bewilderment.

Hope, no more smelly bird!

J. Alan, he cried. And cried. And cried. Then thought of losing his cats. Not that the dog would eat them mind you but he saw Romona's cat die why not his? The death of chirpy brought it all to the forefront.  Would he lose his beloved Edom tonight?!

As with all things this became a teaching moment. Mom and J. Alan discussed how animals die.  Their place in heaven ( the if) and how they do not have souls- therefore they can't sin. ( Not sure how the sin part of that fell in but I heard it). The little tender heart- it comes out every once in a while.

EDIT: Mom says it was all her fault.


  1. this post made me laugh in places (chirpy's full name, lol), but it makes me sad too. poor kids losing their chirpy. i'm so sorry for them.

  2. It was supposed to make you happy then full of sympathy. And I know there is a word for "make you" but I can't remember it!

  3. whelp, then you achieved what you were going for :)

  4. awww poor chirpy!! you are such a great storyteller!!

    we go to Victory Temple on Brooken Hill Drive, behind the mcdonald's on hwy 71

  5. Ok. I know people from there!


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