Flooding= Money

It rained a LOT last week. It rained a whole lot just in one night. So much water came down so quickly that it caused quite a bit of flooding. It even flooded the freshly cleaned apartment set aside for the FBC missions intern, Nathan. He was to arrive Sunday afternoon. This was Friday morning. Not. good.

While Greg was discovering the H2O, I was trying to work out how to get Nathan's food to the apartment.  I sent a text trying to work out a time and was replied to with "change of plans". Greg spent his morning scrambling to find a new apartment and by the Father's provision was successful. The was one problem.  It was sooooo grosss!

"YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I've been pulling my hair out all morning!"

Needless to say Greg was a bit excited when I said I'd help.  The apartment was gross but not as gross as I expected. It did take me about 3hrs to clean the shower, though. I took a green scrubbie to each line of grout... anyway.

Here comes the money part. Greg was able to give me a fair piece of scholarship money for my trip this summer all because of the help.

Just in case you guys ever wonder. God answers prayer. I brought before Him my need/desire- I would like to go without dipping into my savings. He answered with flooding. I wonder where the rest will come from!


  1. yay for provision! but i do hope the rest of your money doesn't come from other disasters ;)

  2. Flooding brought a flood of blessing! :)

  3. Sometimes (most of the time) when He works in ways like that it just makes us loose our breath!


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