That grace may abound

Yesterday morning was NOT a good morning for me. I had a paper and powerpoint to turn in to a teacher who is particular about periods and spacing, and a test that afternoon for which I hadn't studied as much as I would have liked. Shamefully the pressure got to me and I lost it.

Disgruntled I'd already sent Beanie (see picture) and J. Alan to their rooms. But low and behold, only one of them obeyed! Cries from the living room brought out the beast in me. I stormed through the house resolving the issue none to gently. Back to the stupid powerpoint.

I behaved wrongly and I knew it. Roger was even cautioning me to calm down from the kitchen. Thankfully, I can't live long without making things right. I apologized to my sister and repented towards my Savior and all was well.

On the way to school, I began to think about the events of the morning. If Beans had obeyed we might not have discovered the plastic bag on her head until it was too late. Maybe it was just provision that she was naughty? What other things does God allow so that we are saved from something else? What circumstances have I been in that protected me? Does that mean we sin on purpose "that grace may abound"? Of course not! as Paul exclaimed. Yet how precious is the grace that does "abound" when we do.