Scholarship Essays

I hate scholarship essays. I just do.

Prompt: In your own words. Tell me why you chose your profession. Of course if your reason is anything but "I want to be an asset to my community" or "My grandmother was" or "so and so changed my life and inspired me to" then I don't want to hear it. Just lie.

Prompt: Please tells us why we should give you money.

Prompt: Please make yourself feel good by telling us what a good little girl you are and how you volunteer for everything and do all kinds of community service. We are sure you did none of it because it would look good for this.

Prompt: Brag about your grades.


  1. ROFLOL - you could definitely write scholarship applications :D

  2. ;) I liked what my essay ended up looking like but goodnight I felt like I was stretching things in places..


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