Love for the Nations or just plain love of me

 And it warbles. Gaining power. Almost nailed the end. Almost. I didn't really get nervous until I was fixing to go on stage. It was Mary who was nervous! When my nerves hit, they hit hard.

Tonight our BCM  group hosted a banquet as a fundraiser for missions. Amy and Amanda did a great job of coordinating and decorating. It looked great. Our crowd was small but we know the LORD puts people where He wants them so the audience was perfect.

 I sat back down not all that pleased with my performance. I wanted so much to do well. To my own ears I sounded terrible! I tried to finish my food but my nerves were still making me shake.  And down goes the fork. It happened so many times I had to laugh at myself. Still my performance bugged me.

My heart. That was the problem. It was wicked. The next set was played and as I worshiped the LORD opened my eyes even more. Really Jesus, is that my heart? Yes. It is. It only bothered me that I didn't sing clearly because I wanted the accolade. Selfish. Proud. Yes,  indeed. I answered the Good Shepherd's call and turned.

As it turns out, people thought the duet was beautiful. "I didn't know you could sing like that!" Who'da figured? A heart change AND praise. He most certainly does pour out a blessing.