The Glory of God in Missions

This morning on the drive back for SDC I started listening to a Paul Washer sermon entitled The Glory of God in Missions. I was getting car sick *The most posterior seat of a 15 passenger van while crocheting = bad idea* so I didn't get to listen to much of it. For whatever reason an ear bud with noise coming out made it worse. I did hear enough to have the Spirit touch my heart strings. 

In the sermon, Washer points out that most people take too much of a humanistic approach to missions. While it is good to be moved with compassion because people are dying and going to hell our primary motivation should be the glory of the Father. We should be instruments working to see that He is "exalted among the nations". He asks his audience how many times we are kept awake at night because God is not being exalted among all people?

He made another point (which is the one I really care to talk about) and I right now I don't remember the flow of the sermon therefore how it fit in. No matter. In tears, Brother Paul talks about finding his family-spiritual family. That was something that had never occurred to me before. When we evangelize and see people come to Him we are finding/meeting our family.

We know that He is sovereign and I believed based on the Word, that He has ordained before the foundation of the world who are His children. (Ephesians 1:5;Romans 8:15) If that is so, then there is family out there just waiting to be welcomed in.  In a sense, as we share the Gospel we are asking "Are you in my family?". 

For me the whole idea of family brought things into a new light. If a member of my family was physically lost. I would search for them. If I knew that they could be found I would do what I needed to to rescue them. How much more should we run after and seek to 'find' those who are spiritually lost? 

Please don't misconstrue what I have said or am meaning to say if I have done an ill job. Yes, people must first know they are lost to be saved. Yes, they are DEAD in trespasses and sins. Yes, they MUST hear the Gospel and respond in repentant faith to be converted. But when a person does we should be eager to say "Welcome home family!"