Rememberings fulfilled

Amber 8:20:48 AM
oh,i forgot to tell you that i have a Book in my home.
RebekahUSA 8:21:25 AM
you do?
Amber 8:21:40 AM
i think it's too sweet.we have peanut butter in the supermarket *this was in answer to something else not seen in this section of chat*
Amber 8:21:48 AM
yes,but in my language
RebekahUSA 8:21:55 AM
Oh. How did you get the Book?
Amber 8:22:17 AM
my mother told me two days ago
RebekahUSA 8:22:37 AM
your mother told you that you had one?
Amber 8:22:56 AM
my mother brougth it when she was in college
RebekahUSA 8:23:15 AM
really. Has she read it?
Amber 8:24:29 AM
of course.she have to because it's a party of her study
RebekahUSA 8:25:03 AM
what study?
Amber 8:25:13 AM
RebekahUSA 8:25:19 AM
RebekahUSA 8:26:00 AM
does she study it now?
Amber 8:26:20 AM
she knew the America history very well.
Amber 8:26:22 AM
RebekahUSA 8:26:39 AM
Ok. Have you read the Book?
Amber 8:27:05 AM
just a little.
RebekahUSA 8:27:14 AM
What part did you read?
Amber 8:28:08 AM
the born of J*sus Chri$t
RebekahUSA 8:28:44 AM
Did you know that I am studying the Book right now?
Amber 8:29:33 AM
no.maybe you can tell me when you come.
RebekahUSA 8:29:55 AM
I would LOVE to do that!
Amber 8:30:36 AM
RebekahUSA 8:30:50 AM
If you read the book of John in the Book you will be able to learn about the birth of J*sus, His life, His death, and Resurrection.
RebekahUSA 8:31:22 AM
It is in the NT. The books go Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and then others.
Amber 8:31:52 AM
i will read it in my spare time.
RebekahUSA 8:32:04 AM
yes. It is good. :)