Almost done

I am almost done with school for the semester. I'm so STINKIN' excited. I have built this whole list of things to do with my time.

  • Become Betty Crocker again. ( Yay for having time for cooking and homemaking)
  • Become the "cool" big sister. ( Story time, park trips, shopping. oh yeah)
  • Learn the C2C
  • Finish my Disciple's Prayer study (that one will affect you :))
  • Get crafty (sewing & crochet here I come!) 
  • Do lunch with various and assorted friends.
  • Work for the community dental clinic
  • and do sundry things that I have failed to remember in this list!

2 weeks left *INCLUDING* finals. YAY!!! Studyin like a maniac begins!


  1. you could definitely do the 'cool big sis' thing by bringing some littles over here to play ;)

  2. If I do that I knock out 2 in 1. I hang out with some friends and I am the 'cool' big sis. :)

  3. hey that list looks almost the same as mine :P


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