Friday, April 1, 2011

1am ramblings

It is 2minutes until 1 am. I am awake. I should not be but I am. My body says "You're tired. Go to sleep." but my brain is on revolt. I *should* use the time to study but I can't focus. So, I thought I'd catch up on some blogging and listen to some Sylvania.

Earlier this week mom went to the Asian market with Mz.Robbie. She came home with all kinds of goodies and some new recipes. So far I have eaten the chili/garlic 'sauce'[green lid], for lack of better word. Spicy and yummy. The kids and mom had Asian Broccoli stirfry for lunch [greens in baggie]. They also found jicama [round thing next to the ginger]. We LOVE jicama at our house but Taggs had never heard of it so we donated it to their cause. More options MommaTagg! Hope ya'll like it!

NOTE: BrittneyLeanne is having a give away on her blog. Go see what she's got!

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