Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Your skinny!"

This evening a little boy, new to church, looked at me, pointed and said what was one of the funniest thing I 'd hear in a while.

"Your skinny"

"Why thank you Joshua, yes I am."

Soooo cute!

Edit: Looking back, I really hope I didn't say that I agreed but I think I did. ;(


  1. lol
    but why would you hope you didn't agree? You ARE skinny. unless you're going by some other definition...

  2. SOOOOO much better than hearing, "You're fat!". Trust me on that one.

    Dad Tagg

  3. Haha!! "It's a lot better than skinLESS!" as my brother likes to say! :D

  4. Just cause, although I do agree and the kid is 5, it seems arrogant to say that!


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