Have you ever asked the LORD to convict your heart?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Disciple Now in a small town about 1hr 15mins from where I live. I was excited about the opportunity when it was presented to me and was quite thankful my parents gave me the green-light of their approval. After the initial "woohoo", God revealed to me a picture of my heart and I immediately felt unworthy. The Spiritual dormant state that I was in made me sort of loath the thought of trying to teach someone else.

So I turned back in repentant faith knowing that He has the power to transform hearts and that now that I had seen the state of my own it was soon going to change by His grace. I again asked the Lord to show me Himself and, of course, He did.

Although I am in a much better state today then two weeks ago, I realized tonight that I haven't been convicted in a while. That always bothers me. If I am convicted to repent or to initiate something then I know that I am growing and the fellowship becomes all the more sweet.

So tonight in preparation for BCM service (and just because I was having some Jesus time) I asked the LORD, to convict my heart so that I do not become so arrogant to think that maybe, at this point in my life, with what I have going on, I somehow have figured things out. Truth says that isn't so. What do you think God did?

Tonight Sean David(I think that was his name) Took us to Luke 19. He talked about how Jesus ate with sinners and how we should too- in more than a literal sense. He, to my utter delight, emphasized that we share the whole Gospel. Hell included. But he also said something else. SD also talked about the ministry of weeping. We read how Jesus wept over Jerusalem. How He wept before He confronted. And therein lies my conviction.

With my upcoming trip to EA this summer it is something that hit home. Do I weep for the people that I will encounter? Do I weep for the people here?! The answer is no, not most of the time. I see them as lost individuals but more so as faces.

Jesus wept and so must I.