Broken Bread and Poured Out Wine

No school today! The lovely event brought laundry to the forefront. When I do laundry, often I'll listen to a sermon so this morning I clicked over to TRUTH MATTERS and began to read.

The first post of the page is an exert from Oswald Chambers' My Utmost For His Highest. The post speaks of being broken but not for our personal sanctification but rather as an offering to the Lord - broken bread and poured out wine.

What circumstances and/or people has the LORD put in my life that I might be squeezed and crushed? Am I trying to avoid them? Right now in my life I'm glad for the squeeze. It means I'm His and that He's growing me. There isn't much that is more blessed.

How about you? What is the LORD squeezing you with? Are you looking to learn the lesson or are you trying to evade it?