Slaves to Christ

My grandpa posted a sermon by Pastor John MacArthur on his facebook wall today entitled "Slaves to Christ". In this sermon, Pastor MacArthur explain how the Greek word doulos
is most often not translated as slave but rather as servant or bond-servant. As I listened to the sermon, one of the implications of this struck me.

Slaves are bought. They have no choice as to their master. Thus, if we are slaves to Christ, then we were bought by Him apart from our own will. Blessed Redeemer, Precious Redeemer! I am a slave to Christ not by my will or the will of anyone else (Does any one else's mind go automatically to John 1?).

My mom pointed out another implication of this doctrine. A slave cannot free himself from his master. We cannot separate ourselves from Christ! The security of the Believer. I am bound to Him and I CAN NOT absolve myself of His ownership. It is impossible. (Romans anyone?)

I am sure there are other things to take home from the sermon (title link) but those two caused me to rejoice that I am a slave.