Psalm 119

I love how as a child of God I am brought back to Him. It proves my position. God allowed me become miserable and I knew why I was so. Thus the process of repentance and turning began afresh. I needed the Word. I longed for the days when I listened to a sermon a day and was encouraged by it. It is time to set the school books aside and cultivate my love relationship with my Savior.

My mom stumbled upon Sylvania church a couple of months ago after a family member expressed a desire to find a new church. Dr. Philip Dancy is the pastor at Sylvania and a wonderful expositor. The Lord led me to the church website in search of a good sermon and, of course, I found one.

Pastor Dancy is doing a Sunday night series on Psalm 119. I already liked the Psalm but he is doing a wonderful job of expounding upon it. He has brought up some points that I had never noticed before. My title links to the sermon page.

The Lord has revived my heart for His word. My heart aches to be pleasing to Him- to know Him intimately. What I am learning is that it requires time. My McDonalds mentality and what the Bible says don't work well together. Sorry Mc'y D's, you'll have to go.

I will continue to seek Him. I will learn to actually meditate. And I will be revived in His ways by His word.

Open my eyes, that I may behold
wondrous things out of your law.
Ps. 119:18