Soooo my first longish road trip....and we get lost. Great.

Leah and I are on a school trip to a meeting. She has a dinner to make and well I just need to get her there. And we get lost. In the BAD side of town. Even better. Thankfully we were only 10 minutes lost. As soon as we got back on the hwy twasn't 5minutes and there was the exit we needed. How I missed it the first time I don't know. I searched and searched for signs that said the exit was coming up. At least I knew we were lost before we went too far! And...the little street in the town we needed was only on one side and OPPOSITE of the side of the rd we were on. (Its a 4 lane rd with a turn lane in the middle how does one expect me to see the itty bitty street sign? It isn't even as tall as a regular stop-sign!) *rolls eyes* People should just say right across the street from walmart! It isn't even a real street. It is a street just for the hotel! Ughh. Oh well. We made it fine only about 15mins off schedule. All is well.