No tears today

Dare I say it. I think I may actually kinda sorta like school a little bit maybe.

No tears today. Last Tuesday in preclinic I cried. I couldn't get a bp to save my life and skill eval is Thursday. Can you tell I'm bit of a perfectionist? Yes, I panicked. All is well today though. A new stethoscope solved my problems. Thanks Mrs. H! Btw, she is loaning me a very nice one. *angel ahh* So, school today went well. I thought I was slow on my tooth numbers and stuff. Mrs. Di said I was doing great. That made me happified.

The fiasco of the day did not happen at school but rather in our kitchen. I made open faced sandwiches with steak and cheese...well sorta. I put them in the oven then set to my own food. I check on them once but they weren't done so I went back to my eating. Now usually when I have overcooked something I smell it. Not so this day. I and Heather and Katy, although all three in the kitchen, smelled nothing but rather noticed the flames in the oven.

Hmm its a funny thing when you see fire so close you begin to smell smoke. I turned off the oven began to open doors and turn on fans. The fire alarm went off upstairs and triggered them for the whole house. As I stood and contemplated what to do Heather quitely freaked out and the kids ran around like wild animals. Determining that I was not sure how to safely quit the flames I called mom.

"Mom, how do you put out a fire in the oven?"

I'm not sure what she said but I do know it was in an even voice. She is just ashamed I didn't know what to do to begin with. :/

I received instructions from my commanding officer and soon the flames were put to rest. All that was required was another cookie sheet and a handful of flour.

The best part is that I was late for school so I had to leave mom to clean the mess. Lovely huh?

Did my homework and soon I'll be off to bed. We took Gpeople milk this evening. Love that family very muches. Jim and I looked at music. I've been itching to sing and we've some lovely new pieces. Christmas music! :]

Been thinking of the talent show. I need to lay out the order of service.

Amber is waiting for an email. Need to get back with her.

Lovely Labor Day spent with family at the lake. I wasn't burnt badly. Its tan now. :)

New day to love the Savior tomorrow. Mark 2 it be devoured in the morn.

Sleep Beckons.